"Women love jewelry to illuminate their natural beauty. With simple pieces, timeless and high quality pieces, our mission at New Vie Shop is to create jewelry that makes every woman look and feel uniquely gorgeous". 

NEW VIE SHOP was invented as a cutting-edge counterpart to the classic jewelry and created a brand that had huge success from the start because they interpreted contemporary jewelry and created carefree access to refreshingly accessibly price and fashionable jewelry. We are proud to offer a  collection of handcrafted jewelry. 

 We believe in young generation and talented designed that don’t know how to start their career. NEW VIE SHOP will be the right fit to help you to build your brand.We're Constantly on the lookout for selected designers from around the world whose collections fit their NEW VIE SHOP in order to offer customers a targeted selection of fashion creations.

 NEW VIE SHOP stands for a new generation of jewelry stylish, trendy, fashionable, fresh and confident jewelry.People whom lifestyle and originality are important. Part of a new concept of life on the cutting edge.The collections are constantly changing and are based on current fashion trends.

 On our online store you can order unique jewelry comfortably and safely from anywhere.

 NEW VIE SHOP cares about the environment.Your purchase always comes in a 100% recycled cardboard box. NEW VIE SHOP supports ethical and Eco-friendly practices and uses reclaimed and recycled metals whenever possible ♻️